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La Jolla Shores Planned District Advisory Board

Ch. Art. Div. 103.0302.2 La Jolla Shores Planned District Advisory Board

(a) La Jolla Shores Planned District Advisory Board Created

(1) There is hereby created a La Jolla Shores Planned District Advisory Board which shall be composed of seven members who shall serve without compensation. The members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. The members shall serve two-year terms and each member shall serve until his successor is duly appointed and qualified. The members shall be appointed in such a manner that the terms of not more than four members shall expire in any one year. The expiration date shall be April 1. During April of each year, the Mayor may designate one member as Chairman; however, in the absence of such designation, the Board shall, on or after May 15, select a Chairman from among its members.

(2) At the time of appointment and during incumbency five of the seven-member board shall be resident property owners of the La Jolla Shores Planned District. The sixth member shall be a resident of the district but need not own property and the seventh member shall own property in the district but need not be a resident. Members of the Board shall be persons who shall be specifically qualified by reason of interest, training or experience in art, architecture, land development, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, or other relevant business or profession to judge the effects of a proposed development upon the desirability, property values, and development of surrounding areas. At least one member of such Board shall be a registered architect in the State of California.

(3) The Board may adopt rules of procedure to supplement those contained within this Division. Four members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and a majority vote; and not less than four affirmative votes shall be necessary to make any Board decision.

(4) The City Manager shall serve as Secretary of the Board and as an ex officio member and maintain records of all official actions of the Review Board. The Secretary shall not be entitled to vote.

(5) All officers of the City shall cooperate with the Board and render all reasonable assistance to it.

(6) The Board shall render a report annually on March 31, or on request, to the Mayor.

(b) Powers and Duties It shall be the duty of the Advisory Board to review all applications for permits referred to it including applications for Planned Development Permits for residential development within the La Jolla Shores Planned District and to submit its recommendations or comments on these matters in writing within 30 calendar days to the City Manager. When the California Environmental Quality Act requires that an Environmental Impact Report be prepared in conjunction with an application within the Planned District, the Advisory Board shall review this report before submitting its recommendation to the City Manager. It shall also recommend to the Planning Commission any changes to the regulations, provided such changes are necessary for the proper execution of the adopted plan, and to adopt rules of procedure to supplement those contained within this division. The Advisory Board shall utilize architectural criteria and design standards adopted by the City Council in evaluating the appropriateness of any development for which a permit is applied under this division.

San Diego Municipal Code Planned District Ordinance (PDO); amended 4-7-1998 by O-18482 N.S.; effective 1-1-2000

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